FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

What are Quokka Courier’s hours of operation?

Our normal business hours of operations are Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 5:00pm. However we operate outside those hours as well (including weekends and holidays) so you can be sure we will attend your request (extra charges may apply).

What’s your Dispatcher number for new service requests or for updates on current packages?

(778) 917-3701 is our main line to requests new services or updates (such as exact location) on current documents or packages.

How can I see where a picked-up package currently is?

At this moment our software developing partners are working hard to implement this functionality on our website (using your tracking number). At this time please contact our Dispatcher (778-917- 3701) and we will provide full details on where your package is.

What’s your phone number for Administration-related topics?
How do you calculate your rates?
Do you charge a fuel surcharge?
Can you explain your cancellation Policy?
Can I ship dangerous services through you?