Our Promise to the Society

Our Promise to the Society

This Society has provided so much to us and thus Quokka Courier pledges to operate the business in the best interest of it through our Core Values, and this means we are able to promise:

- Commitment: The Quokka Shareholders every year will put forward resources to attend social needs that they believe are worthy and provide a moral and ethical value.

- Honesty: We will operate and communicate with complete fairness with all our Customers, Suppliers and Employees. We want to be trustworthy of the Society.

- Problem solving: Whenever a problem needs to be solved, our Environment is first, there are and there will be no compromises.

- Focused: Continually we will ask ourselves if we can do things differently in order to satisfy the needs of the Society.

- Ambitious: Hybrid and Electric vehicle technology will be pursued whenever a new vehicle is added to our fleet. If there is no solution available for the type of vehicle, we will ensure the vehicle fleet is fuel efficient and with minimum pollution levels.

"We are Quokka and we ALL deliver."