Our Values

Our Values

Doing business can be easy or difficult; it very much depends on who you do business with and the values your business partner abide by. We at Quokka believe in 5 Core Values; these values reflect our daily mindset and you can be sure that we will stand by them on every phone call, every question and every delivery service:


We want you to consider Quokka as a business partner; and for this you will expect us to be accountable to you and to what you do. Let us show why our commitment and accountability are unparalleled.


Throughout all the service process, from the first phone call to the final invoice, you can trust that we will act with absolute integrity. We will act no different if we receive a praise or a complaint from you, because our Customers deserve no less.

Problem solving

Transportation can be become complicated at times, so you need someone that can actually think quickly and solve problems creatively. We at Quokka have developed through our own experiences a unique adaptability to situations and we will learn from each new one to become better every day.


We are quite good at understanding what is essential and relevant, and act on what really matters for you. Don’t hesitate to be candid with us about your worries because that is how we will make sure we operate around your priorities first.


We think big and so we intend to act big; we may not be first ones in this business, but we want to be pioneers on how the business can be run for your benefit and the benefit of our local economy.